Command Set:

Command Description Notes:
/ broadcast a message.
ABANDON abandon the base being orbited.
ADVISE give advise (suggested commands). *
ATTACK [] attack a base from orbit.  
BANK [] deposit, withdraw, or show balance.
BASE list your bases.
COMBAT enter or leave the combaMerminal mode.
DESTRUCT commit suicide.
DRYDOCK [SAVE] enter dry dock.
DUMP [] jettison fuel to cool the engines.  
END leave flight mode, when orbiting a planet.
ENVIRONMENT . report on a planet.  
ENVIRONMENT [] examine the current planet, or the one specified.  
ENVIRONMENT [] display current star system, or the one specified.  
ESTABLISH [] establish a new base.
FIGHTER transfer fighters between ship and a base.  
FIRE [] fire lasers.
HELP [] give instructions. *
IMPULSE [[][,<% of light speed>]] impulse drive
INFO [] print a list of commands, or a short intro. *
LIBRARY . report on a planet.
LIBRARY [] examine the current planet or the one specified.
LIBRARY [] display current star system or the one specified.
LOAD toad a torpedo tube.
LOCK [[,]] lock lasers on target
MAP [] display a map of the known Galaxy. *
MISSILE [[,]] fire missiles at a ship.
NAVIGATE [] navigate (normal space).
NAVIGATE [[][,]} navigate (hyperspace).
OCCUPY [] land troops on a base.  
PAY pay off the a colony’s loan with cash.  
PICTURE [] set frequency of picture update, or print a picture. *
PROBE [] fire a probe to a system, or recall the probe.
RANGE [] set scanner range.  
REDRAW reprint the screen.
SCAN [] find range and heading to star, or all nearby stars.
SCOOP scoop a gas giant for fuel.  
SEARCH [] search hyperspace for other ships.
SEND , send an integer message to another ship.  
SHIELD [[,]] set energy in shields.  
SQUELCH [[,] block radio messages from turkeys.  
STATUS print the ship’s status.
SURVEY [.] survey a base.
TAX collect taxes from a base.
TORPEDO [,] fire a torpedo.
TRANSFER , transfer metal to another ship.  
TROOPS transfer troops between ship and base.  
TUNE , tune the two hyperspace radios.
WARP [[][,]] warp drive (hyperspace).
WHO identify a ship.

* Command has and may not be added to the recreation.